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[the meat industry solutions to plant]Source: View Sea Solutions Original title: This big tiger actually let the businessman act as ▪■”underground organization minister” legal evening newspaper news (Reporter Yue Sanfeng) March 31, Shaanxi, former vice governor Feng Xinzhu was excused by serious violations , Open private officers, and transfer to relevant state organs according to law. View journalists noticed that the Central Discipline member refers to its …•”request for private enterprises, and illegally selection appointment cadres•▷”■•△. This kind of businessman is regarded as “Underground Original”■▽○, and it is not more common in the case where the cadre selection is in the case of the mid-management cadres in the front horse. Experts said that some official collusion is not a simple economic corruption problem◆-, but a serious political corruption problem○◁-△. Establish a new type▽○, the relationship between the affinity, and the relationship is especially urgent and important. He is in charge of poverty alleviation○☆, but he uses the poverty chapte▷▼.

Overseas Network on March 6, at 15 pm on the 6th, the 13th National Committee of the National Committee held the first reporter meeting in the golden hall of the Great Hall of the People, invited the Democratic Party Central and the National Industry and Commerce leaders to collect media interviews. The President of the Central Committee of the Central Committee mentioned that this year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the National University. In the past five years, the peoples leather has played an advantage in three aspects. Through direct traffic, many investigation reports are transformed into laws and policies☆▲. The civil revolution and Taiwan have a lot of origins, organized a series of cross-strait exchange projects. Invite all walks of life from Taiwan to visit more than 300 times and make important contributions to peaceful unity, enhance the cultural identity of young branches. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor■•-★: Zhang Jian▷○◁●.

Original title▲○=▼: Title: Iron, ICEA, I reached a cooperative railway company listing (picture Source: Panorama) Economic Observer Network Reporter Song Di On 2, the above-handed office has been signing the strategic cooperation agreement with Railway Corporation•◇, both sides will revolve around Cooperation between railway construction bonds▷-●, railway asset securitization, and railway subsequent companies listed. According to Economic Observing Network, the cooperation between the Shanghai Iron and Iron President mainly includes three aspects, one is to promote the listing of railway construction bonds in the Shanghai Stock Exchange; Second, bond finance related to iron-critical related subjects, promote railway assets asset securities The third is to support the cultivation of the backup listed enterprises in the enterprise of Tiezi, through IPO, mergers and acquisitions, etc., and promote capitalization, equity, securitization reform of railway enterprises. Beiji!

Zhongxin Net Wuhan May 27th (Li Zongwu Liu Yanyu) Hubei Provincial Public Security Department held a news ventilation meeting on the 27th, and inform us that the provinces public security organs mute case investigation, and 10 major murder cases of wanted wanted in the escape▽■◇•. The picture shows Jingzhou Honghu Citys murder case suspect Zhang Zhiye Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau for the picture shows the murder case suspect in Wuhan City, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for the picture, is a criminal suspect in Shiyan City, the suspect, Dingbenjin▷•, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department◁◁★=. The picture shows Wuhan Huangqi District murder case suspect Ye Chaugui Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for the picture shows Huangshi Daye Citys murder case suspect Wu Yongping Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for Tutu is a suspect in Fancheng District, Fuyang Cit.

Original title: Hefei Power Group Co.☆□, Ltd. Former Chairman, General Manager, Party Secretary Wang Changyue accepts organizational review and monitoring investigates the original chairman of Hefei Power Group Co.◆☆, Ltd.◆△, General Manager, Party Secretary Wang Changyue is suspected of serious violation of law and discipline-▪, currently accepting organization review and Supervision survey. Wang Changyue resume▷■△: Wang Changyue, male, Hui national, born in November 1958◁•◆, Hefei City•■○, in September 1977, participated in the work in December 1985, Join the Communist Party of China. He has served as the head of the company, the head of the head of the company, the deputy secretary of the group committee, the manager of the Minsheng Trading Company, the Director of the Office, Hefei Shui Corporation Commission for Discipline Inspection, Deputy General Manager of Hefei Water Supply Group, Party Committee, General Manager of Hefei Water Supply Group, Party Committee, Party Committee, Party Committee, Party Committee■=•□, General Manager of Hefei Water Supply Group Co■●., Ltd.▽▲=, deputy secretary of the party committe china porcine gelatin protein purification industry jobs Contacts protein bar industry challenges, gelatin buy!