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gelatin methacrylate pectin citrus alternative protein industry,[how many types of gelatin are there]Original title◆▲◁: Quick summary version▪●○: What is exposed today? On March 15th is the international consumer rights day. At 20:00 tonight, the annual CCTV 3▽◁▼.15 party will meet with the national audience again. Follow Xiaobian to see todays evening saying ..★●…. Volkswagen Touareg was exposed to the engine in water. “The steering wheel can also be cant move, and the brakes can not stop △●△.▽-■..○■○…” In recent years, some “Volkswagen Touareg”=■●, the owner of the “Volkswagen” reflected the 4S shop, the engine suddenly failed☆…▼. The 4S shop checks that the vehicle is turned off and related to the engine water. There is a car owner recalls that her car is just a night rain before the accident○…○. After the car owner trial, it was found that the design of the air inlet position was an important reason for the engine water△○☆▽. In the Quality Supervision Prevention Bureau launched the defect investigation and repeatedly talks about the urge, ●•.

Today (27th), the Ministry of Transport said that it is accelerating the “Implementation Opinions on Consolidating Expanded Transport Transport Defiration”○•▼-, which is proposed to 2025◆=◁◁, which is the ◆=○…”14th Five-Year Plan▪○” period. Basic realization Conditional construction villages logistics express delivery. Promoting the healthy development of rural logistics◆…, building agricultural products and rural production and living materials…▪, efficient and convenient circulation channels, is of great significance for supporting the revitalization strategy of rural resolution. The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to rural logistics work, and the transportation and postal integration of transportation and postal express delivery is the starting point to promote the propaganda of rural logistics service brand as a carrier, focusing on rural logistics service network, enhancing rural logistics service wate.

Chinas new network Yancheng May 27th (as the name sieve Chen Pengfei Wu Fong) “The Ocean is the New World of the Human Civilization Development Resources and Development Space in the 21st Century, the development and utilization of marine wind power resources is to solve energy crises■▷, environmental crises and development◁▼●○. The difficulties in which people and natural harmony are involved△=. “On the 27th, the president of the China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association Sea Wind Power Branch, Cai Shao▽☆…, in Jiangsu, the second wind power industry development forum■-▷, said. Shi Yang Power to build the new city of the International Maritime Wind Power Industry. Jiyang County Committee Propaganda Department held the first wind power industry development forum in 2019▽◇. This years shooting is again ▽□”calling▷☆…☆” the “big coffee☆=◇□” in the sea wind power field, common business low carbon e.

Chinas new network client on May 27th Beijing time on 27th▽◇☆-, FIFA announced the latest first-rate mens national team ranking. No matter the world ranking or Asian ranking, the Chinese team is equipped with the previous period, still ranking first in Asia▽▷▽, Chapter 77 of the world▪•…▷. After entering 2021◇△•, the national football is ranked 75th in the world•○○…. In the group A group of Asian regions of the World Preliminaries, Chinese men are set in the group of 4 battles 2 wins and 1 flat 1 or 7 points. On the 30th of this month, the national football will welcome the Tuanjima in the 40th Range of the World Prelusion. Japan…▲, Iran, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, China, Syria ranked top 10 in Asia. r?

The Tenth National Congress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences▷◁…, the tenth National Congress, the Tenth National Congress, held an important speech in Beijing□▪, and adhere to the strategic support of science and technology as a strategic support of national development. Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and build a new development pattern=○•=. Quality development, facing the frontier of world science and technology, facing the main battlefield for the main battlefield, facing the countrys life and health, in-depth implementation of science and education strategy■△=, talents, strong country strategy, innovative driving development strategy, grasp the big potential=■▼, seize the opportunity, face the problem, And•■◁=, improve the national innovation system◆•☆○, accelerate the construction of scientific and technological strength◇▽, and achieve high-level technology self-supporting Gu Keqiang▲■•, host•-◇●, Wang Yang, Huang Zhao, Han Zheng attend.