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[skin gelatin glue]Original title▪△◆: Member of the CPPCC Committee discusses how the film and television drama is good for Chinas story. Can we do not need to spread Chinese culture with foreign peoples film and television? Recently, “amazed■◇▪-, my country” is very good, I think it can be equipped with English…◁, to show abroad. “Chenglong said. Chinese culture go out, film and television drama is a carrier with the most extensive audience. At the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference◇★▲, there are many directors of film and television dramas, producers…◇◁, they have long observation and thinking. There is a correct value of values•◁, the TV series can go out to the TV series ▷▼▪”嬛▼◇▷◇” not only popular Vietnam▽◇…•, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian countries●■•★, also export.

Original title: Central Bank Report••□◆: 48.2% of residents expects the price •=”basics” New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Di Di) Central Bank today released “Investigation Report of the First Quarter Town Savings in 2018” (The “Report”) shows that the lower quarter△●▼, 31.4% of residents expect △•■”rising◇•▷”, 48.2% of residents expect “basically unchanged”☆△, 9■△□.9% of residents expect “decline”, 10△◁.5% residents …▲▪” quasi”. In contrast the survey of the previous quarter, the expected residents have declined slightly from the previous season (32…◇-.0%), and the △▼”basic unchanged” residents have risen slightly from the previous season (48%), and the residents expected “decline” residents The season (9.3%) has risen. According to the central banks official website, the Peoples Bank of Chi☆-.

Original title…•-◆: Todays headlines have been deleted by the shutdown reviews▽★●△. China New Jingwei Client April 11 On the evening of April 10, there is a media report that the headlines of today are all deleted-●. As of press time, Chinas new Jingwei client (WeChat public number▲●…☆: jwview) found in the shake client, even if there are tens of thousands of comments•=▲◁, it still shows •▪△”No comments” below▷●○=. Recently, relevant state departments have increased supervision efforts such as video, information, etc▽▽▷•., and todays headlines and other news information APP frequently been supervised and media ◆★-“some name•▼▷”★▷◁. On April 4, the State Bank of Radio and Television broadcasts the “Todays Headline◇●▼”•…▷, “Fast Hand”▽▽◇•, and “Fast Hand☆▽★•”, and the “quick-hand” website, and immediately seriously manage the management departmen•○.

Chen Yu resume Chen Zheng▷▽■, male, Han nationality=◇◁□, born in 1953, Jiangsu Zhenjiang people, member of the Agricultural Party△☆○-, April 1970, Participate in the Work▼-◁□, Paris, France, graduate, graduate, Ph.D.-★•, Science degree•▼•▲, Science degree •…, Professor, researcher, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Secretary of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the President of the Central Committee of the Agricultural Workers, the president of the China Red Cross, the European and American Student Association (China Academy Association). From 1970 to 1975, Xinfeng County•▽△◆, Hengfeng County, Zhiqing▷△, 1975-1977, Jiangxi Province, Shangrao Region, Health School▷▼■, School of Medicine, Jiangxi Province☆●△•, 1977- 1978▷△…▼, Jiangxi Province▼☆■▲, Shangrao Region Health School•★, Science and Education Teacher, 1978-1981, Shanghai Second Medici◆…▽△! industrial product of protein engineering soft gelatin capsule Gelatin capsule chicken collagen powder gel caps definition,