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[china gelatin protein]Original title: Wang Yongzhi▼=○…, the original secretary of Xinjiang Saxi County, was double opened▽◆-: seriously violated Party Central Committee, the party committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region☆■●, the Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for the Custractive Committee of the Kashi Land, the original secretary Wang Yongzhi is seriously violated□▼. Accreditation••●□. After investigation, Wang Yongzhi seriously violated political discipline and political rules★▽, and severely violated Party Central Committee, the implementation of the whole strict partitioned part of the subjects responsibility=•, the style of strictness▪-, the group▽▷○○, in violation of the eight provisions of the Central, violating the rules Where public funds eat■▲-=, receive gifts, gifts; violation of organizational discipline△▪, it is better to report personal matters, in cadres selection and appointment, violation of integrity, work discipline□☆●▪, life discipline, and use the convenience of illegal invaders Findings suspected of corruptio…•!

Original title: Guangdong procuratorial organs according to law, Chen Yang mentioned the public prosecution, Guangdong procuratorate, according to law, the public prosecution▪△◇, the first party group, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department★■, member, deputy director Zhong Xiaoping (deputy hall) suspected of accepting bribes In case●★…, by the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, the Yunfu City Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to the Yunfu Intermediate Peoples Court. In the review and prosecution phase■□○, the procuratorate informed the defendant Zhong Xiaoping, and asked the defendant Zhong Xiaoping and listened to the debate of the delegate. Yunfu City Peoples Procuratorate Indigmation Allegations: The defendant Zhong Xiaoping is serving the deputy director, director, social development and basic research department of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, member of the Party Group of Guangdong Science and Technology Department▪☆, deputy director, using Convenience in your position for othe!

Original title: Beijing 16th District and Inner Mongolia, the county of the county: Beijing Daily wrote Xu Feipeng Fan Junsheng Photography Tongjun Yesterday afternoon●●○▪, Beijing and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region signed a three-year action framework agreement to deepen poverty alleviation collaboration, further clear future Announcement of the Homes of Homes-▪▷. Since this year, Beijing Inner Mongolia poverty alleviation collaboration will increase from 10 million yuan from the original planned counties to 40 million yuan=☆-▽. In the future, the total number of poverty alleviation collaboration funds increased from the original plan to 2975 million yuan, than original plan…◆. A total of 1★…•◆.983 billion yuan, helping Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to help the resulted to the poverty alleviation in 2020. Beijing Inner Mongolia has signed a comprehensive and deepening of poverty alleviation collaboration●○…, and the central government is handed over to Beijin.

Original title: Completion of GDP6.5% growth target•☆, the air supply side reform here is advanced▽▼☆…, the industrial economic structure is further optimized, the preferential policy environment market, the tax rate, etc. Potential growth and quality of economic growth have created good conditions◆••. ▲ Hangzhou Central West Lake Cultural Square City Night Scene Source: Xinhua News Agency on March 14 The situation is still continuing◇▷▪, in accordance with such a trend…•★•, a year-on-year growth expectant goal is achieved, and the more fully employment is conditional and confident▽=. Realize the target of 6.5% of the annual econom…●.

Original title▽■: “Dental”•▽-◁, “tooth▽△◇”, is more and more hard, Beijing March 12 (Reporter Sun Zhen) March 12th◆…◆, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference, the 12th National Peoples Congress Finance and Economic Committee Deputy Director Yin Zhongqing, Wu Heng☆-, deputy director of the UNESCO◁●●, Yuan Wei●△☆△, deputy director of the Environment, Guanying Committee, Zheng Decheng, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Budget Work Committee•★, Liu Xixin▼△-•, Standing Committee Office Secretary of Communications Fu Wenjie answered the question of Chinese and foreign journalists on the issue of ◇■•△”Peoples Congress Supervision”. “The Peoples Congress supervises the sword, the sword is bright, and the wrist will break the wrist.▪◁-” In answering the question of how to carry out the implementation of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee to implement the implementation of solid waste, Yuan Wei used “heavy punch, symptomatic The party, the table is taking into account, and the symptoms of specimens have been summarize ae proteina industries inc contact number soy protein industry gelatine capsules size 1!About Us gelatin crosslinking agents,