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[ankur protein industries limited]Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 27 (Reporter Liu Xian) reporter learned from the first special press conference from the Chongqing Silver Insurance Bureau on the 27th that Chongqing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau will actively guide bank insurance agencies to combine local willing and “○□○•” Three rural ◁▼=◆”status, in the national rural resolution▲○, the country and towns, towns and towns, and other wishes to carry out rural vitality Pu Hui Financial pilot demonstration. The only mid-China Midwest municipality has integrated the “big city, large rural▲▪△…, large mountain, large reservoir area◁•▪○”. In 2021■-, the Chongqing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau was based on the county economy, focusing on the villages and weaknesses, and effectively increased product and service innovation, and did a good job of poverty and poverty, rural residenc.

Original title: Recommended by the national library of a stack of books: one student reading three books▽▷■◆: Beijing Daily Writing Wang Hao Photography Dai Bing National Council is being hurt★=▲◇, one representative of participation brings A thick book, still insisted on reading during a busy meeting. He is the representative of the National Peoples Congress of the Beijing Mission, and the national library museum is Yongjin. What books will be brought on this reading world? What suggestions do he have to read? The image of Confucian Han Yong entered the representative▷□▪, which is relevant to the relevant information preparations for reviewing the duties. In order to deliberate a constitutional amendment●□◁, he brought about the “Chinese Constitution History”, “China Constitution History”, which is the authority of Zhang Jin★-=◆, the authority of my country. Han Yongjin is admitted to the “WeChat ID: PoliticalInsid○••.

Original title•●■●: July 24, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesperson, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presided over the Routine Reporter – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China asks: According to reports■=, on the 23rd●△=, President Xi Jinping visited Rwanda, two countries signed 15 bilateral cooperation documents. On the same day□△, India Prime Minister Modi rate the business delegation also arrived in Rwanda, signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with Lu. What comments do you have in the prospects and space of China-India in Africa? A▲…: On July 23, President Xi Jinping conducted a state visit to Rwanda, held talks with President Kaga, and the heads of the two countries agreed to strengthen the development strategy and docking▷■▷•, giving full play to complementary advantages•◁★, and promoting both parties to mutually beneficial cooperation more fruitful results. The heads of the two countries witnessed the signing of multiple bilateral cooperation documents such as “a belt all the way” construction. President Kaga said that ☆◆”all the w▽★○.

Original title: Observation Foreign Media▪●□: BRIC Summit today○-▼, five countries “shake hands into this box” in this issue▽○! According to foreign media reports▲▼, Brazil◇▪△, Russia, India, China●•○◁, and South Africas leaders will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 25 to 27. Foreign media publication-■▽-, the brick country will unite to deal with protectionism. Japans “Sell News◁▷” July 24th published articles on the “BRIC Summit will show the unity” of the five BRIC countries, China has an overwhelming economy◁◁, preparing to appeal to ◆★”anti-protectionism◁▽……” and “maintenance International order◁•▲, showing the unity of BRIC countries. ▲ On July 24, President Xi Jinping held talks in Pretoria with President President Lamasa…▼◁. (Xinhua News Agency) Article said•□■☆, “Peoples Daily▷▼” on the 18t dried fish scales for collagen uc ii undenatured type ii chicken collagen Gelatin wholesale industrial whey protein cinnamon swirl, bovine collagen vs collagen peptides!