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[enteric coated capsule shells]CCTV 3 · 15 party exposed Datong Wei Du Avenue traffic label is not up to standard◇▪•. Original title: Datong: Highly attach great importance to the issue of CCTV 3★•.15 party, immediately carry out the night of March 15=•◇★, 2018, CCTV 3 · 15 party exposure Datong Wei Du Duan traffic marking is not up to standard, there is traffic safety hazard and some counties After the sales of unqualified almond dew problems•▪●★, the district has high attention and rapid disposal-…. That night, the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee were approved immediately after the news, and revolve around “rapid action, comprehensive investigation, deep reflection•□, seriously respotes, and thoroughly rectified▽◇” 24 words requires overnight▼-. On March 16th▪•★, the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee hosted a special meeting to establish a joint survey group for the quality issues exposed to the 3.15 party. Municipal Public Security Burea•■◇.

Original title: Taiwan Media●△◇: Taiwanese business should go to North Korea to make money today. Today, Taiwans “Wang Daily” published a social review article entitled “cross-strait manufacturers to develop Korean new business opportunities▽☆▪”, and the article believes that both sides join hands to open up new markets, is New Form in the rise of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation. The merchants believe that Taiwanese business has already paid the “East Asian Investment Final Virgin”, but in the future, it is still necessary to work closely with land merchants. In fact▪•◆, not only North Korea, the current economic reasons of Arafa, there are two-strait manufacturers join hands. The -▷”Chinese-style socialist reform and opening up route•●▪=” is very familiar with the Taiwanese, focusing on public ownership, supplemented by private enterprises (and individuals)•▪▷, and welcomes and accumulate foreign investment●▲◆. Once this route is fully implemented in North Korea, there must be many manufacturer•▼•=?

Original title: Rare cool summer, Japan, Japan, 22,600 people, 65 deaths▲▪, 65 people died in heatstroke [Global Network Report Internship reporter Yang Wei] According to Japans “Daily News” reported on July 24, the Japanese General Office Fire Department statistics show that From July 16th to Ju. 22■◁, the nationwide is 20★◆▽◇,600 patients sent to the hospital in Japan◆•, and the number of records in 2008 was refreshed. Among them•▽, 65 people died in heat strokes■▼☆, and the number of deaths within the week was also the most since 2008…▲★. Since Japan has continued to heat in the summer, the number of people who are sent to the hospital in the hospital is significantly increased. From July 9th to July 15th△■☆, patients who were sent to the hospital for heatstroke were 9956 people○▲■•. In July 16th to July 22, the number of people who were sent to the hospital in the summer was overweigh.

Chinas new network Guiyang May 28 (Yue Wang) This year, Guizhou Province will further deepen ▷-“provinces, one to run-…▲” reform, according to the provincial capital provincial government “provincial capital” requirements, 2021 At the end of the year, I realized the “provincial government” “provinces▪▽…” in the provincial and county country five levels. The reporter learned the above news from the “Reform and Innovation Innovation Vitality Power” press conference held by the Peoples Government of Guizhou Provincial Peoples Government□•☆★. Since 2020△◇△-, Guizhou continues to deepen the reform of ••☆◇”venting service”, based on the ▷▪”one window” “One Window▪▽” “” One Window ☆…▷●”,★△▪” “Up to Run” ◁▼”” One Wall “, and the Systemic Service Process and Methods System•☆.Pectin manufacturer protein bars industry stats nitta,