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[gelatin bovine meaning](Anti-neozopenemonia) once to the Anliang community in Longgang District, Shenzhen▷▼●, Macau, Macau◆▲, Macau, May 27 (reporter Longste) Macaus new coronary virus infection○○○◁, the Coordination Center announced=◆▲, from May 28th From the first 14 days of entering the country, all the people in the Anliang community in the Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province▲•◇, must undergo 14 days of medical observation in designated locations in accordance with the requirements of the Macao Health Administration. The Strain Coordination Center emphasized that the adjustment of the measures is made in response to the recent changes in the near future of Shenzhen. Violations can also be taken for forced isolation in addition to the corresponding criminal responsibility. In addition, the Macao SAR Government Health Bureau announced on the same da★▼◇!

Original title: Istanbul Safety Situation Complex Civil Consulate Reminds to the Sensitive Place China Overseas Chinese Network April 17th According to the China Consulate General Members in Istanbul WeChat public number, recently☆▲, the security situation in Istanbul is complex. Especially Lu Markara, the Subway Markara, the Subway Malmara, the Eminönü◆•▪■, Eminon◆☆☆, is facing security risks=…▲▷. The Consulate General in Istanbul once again reminds the majority of overseas Chinese, Chinese-funded enterprises☆★-, international students, and Chinese tourists should effectively improve the awareness of safety★○-, strengthen self-protection, stay away from the crowd, and avoid travel and avoid nightstation, always keep working with family△▼▲-. , Friends contact and report peace, do safety precaution•-○.

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 28th, on May 28, 13:50, Hefei City, Xinzhi, Xinzhang, Zhizhou, was sent to the hospital◆▪○. At this point◆▷, the two cases of diagnosis cases reported in the city of this round of the city have been cured. After discharge, it will continue to stay in Hefei City Correlation Point for medical observation. According to epidemiological surveys, Lu Mou, Department of Feixi County reported a colleague of Li Mou□△, a colleague, who took K1071 train from Beijing on May 10, and stayed in the same room at the same room in June 11□○. (End) [Editor: Chen Haifen vegan collagen powder 300 bloom gelatin powder 280 bloom gelatin!

Promote social e-commerce regulations Order development (multi-prism) Son Ming “Peoples Daily” (May 28…▷, 2021) Social E-commerce has experienced purchase, users take the initiative to share◇☆■, sales scenarios, rich and other unique advantages, suffering a lot Consumers welcome, in recent years, enter the development of expressway regulating social business platforms, need to play the synergy of all sectors, multi-pronged loopholes◆=, make up shortboard, promote industry standards, orderly healthy development•▲-, many people are afraid Such experience, there are always a few friends in the circle of business, all kinds of beauty▲•, daily product information often brush the screen; social software…-★▪, often have friends to send links, ◇○”everyone helps me fight a single○●●▷ Gelatin wholesale bovine type 1 collagen peptides,!