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Pure collagen.[protein drinks industry statistics]Original title: The thirtieth batch of escort formation from Qingdao to Yaluwan to implement the escort task Source▽◇: Qingdao News Network Wuhu Ship will be away from the dock this article, the Qingdao News network map Dongping Lake ship will set sail on the morning of the 6th, the Navy thirty The approval of the navigation team set sail from a military port of Qingdao, went to Yalian Bay, and the Somali waters performed escort mission◇▽-. 30 Batch of Navigation and Corps, the 30th batch of escort formations from Hong Kong shall be composed of the missile frigate, the lake ship, the 邯郸 ship and the comprehensive replenishment of the ship△★, carrying the carrier helicopter, dozens of special combat team▷▲☆◁, nearly 700 people-•. Among them▪•, the Wuhu ship executed the escort task for the first time▪◁▼. The military band is hovering for 30 batch of navigation team. The slam of the lake ship in July★•▲◁, and the team has organized sea-targeted pre-training in Qingdao, focusing on the single ship as a busine!

China News Cooperative Beijing May 28 (Chen Hang) Beijing Excellent Film Drama Overseas Exhibition Season for 7 years, 132 TV series▷▲△, movies and cartoons were translated into English□▲, law, Portugue, Swahi, Haisha There are more than ten languages ​​such as language to spread in Africa. This is what the reporter learned from the Beijing Excellent Film Overseas Exhibition Season (under the DVD) special event “in the excitement season). Zhang Shu, deputy director of Beijing Radio and Television Bureau, said that the exhibition season as a high-level cultural exchange in Beijing, China○▷■△, from 2014, has covered Europe, Asia▽▼◇●, Africa, America, publicity, promotion■-○, and exhibition hundreds of film and television boutiques Behind Beijing and World Film and Television Industry Busine.

Original title: Shanghai Public Security Bureau□▷: ○•”The settlements of the country should be logged out” Not a new regulation from May 1, 2018□==, Shanghai will implement the new version of ◆-▪”Shanghai Changhe Account Management Regulations”■-△. On March 13th○▽, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau announced the full text of “Shanghais constant resident regulations” in its official website, and Article 46 stipulates: “If you settle out of the country or join foreign nationality, I should go to the local public security department of the account. Registration. If the cancellation account is registered, the public security police station shall promptly inform himself, close relatives, household owners or collective accounts, reject the account◁◇☆, or notify the logout account in the next month, can log out of its account■△. ” 23☆■◆=:30 on March 21, Shanghai Public Security Bureau official microblogging @ 警 民 directly through train▷△□. punit proteins private limited industrial area padra gujarat ankur protein industries ltd○●△. website

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