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[industrial products of protein engineering pdf]Original title: Zhangjiajie rapidly disposes a traveler event, severely cracking down on illegal acts on August 10, Zhangjiajie City rapidly disputes a group event caused by tourists and tour guide disputes. In the early morning of the 10th▽•■, the local public security department decisively disposed, and 20 suspects were arrested on the spot, and quickly controlled and calm the situation. Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government emerged●▷▲◁, and severely crack down on illegal acts to ensure the safety of tourism. It is reported that August 7th Shenzhen tourist Cui Mou family○▲◁, order Zhangjiajie, one-day tour of Zhangjiajie on August 9 through That night◇□, Cui made a dissection of the Weiwu International Travel Service Guide Huang, the charge and other dissatisfaction, and Lius dispute was disputed by the information•…○■, and insulted. Liu brings a dialogue through the Internet and WeChat, triggeting some tourism practitioners public anger, .

Editors press: 2021 is a hundred years of the Communist Party of China◁☆. From a small red ship to the leader of the Chinese line, the Chinese Communist Party will not change since the Chinese Communists, and the color is still in the heart. General Secretary Xi Jinping is a communist party member with 47th. He “said words, you must do it□■●★”, with a manner for 90 million party members to establish an example◆■★○. The CCTV “Peoples Leaders Xi Jinping” column launched a series of “Communist Party Xi Jinping” and feel the Communists of General Secretary with you. “The partys style is the partys image, the relationship between the people, the relationship between the partys life and death.▲•◇★” As a communist party member with 47th part of the party, Qingqi■▽.

Original title: Beijing reproduces Huangsha★…, but said, less and less than Beijing sand dust? China Weather Network today (28th), Beijing has appeared this years first large-scale dust weather process◆▼▷, and some regional PM10 concentration approximated 2000, air quality explosion. The dust is one of the weather phenomena in Beijing, and when the dust is hit=◇…◁, Huangsha is the sky◇•●, the air is full of hummas. In recent years, people seem to feel fewer and fewer days, and the data tells you the truth. Spring (3, 4△□◇, May) is a high season of Beijing sand dust, including the highest year in April. Statistics show that Beijing April monthly dust has 6■▼△.1 days; in March, in May•=▼, the number of sandstone days of the May◆△, 3●◆○▽.6 days and 3▽▷.9 days respectively. At 3 or September☆◇■, the sources of Northern Shayuan began to th.

Original title☆▷■▲: Suddenly suspended experts: It is not a complete call but to standardize organization and title Source: Chinas Voice a number of events suddenly collectively bisten to Chinas voice “News” report. On the evening of February 28th, the parents in Guangzhou have received the notices learned from the education and training institutions, and in the notice▽▼■: the registration of the primary school mathematics league. And after receiving this one or two days ago, the teachers who studied them were still on WeChat to inform the parents of the parents□◆▼▪. It is understood that the Guangdong Provincial Primary School Mathematics League plans officially opened on March 1, and the relevant personnel said that there is still not known whether such competition will be held, but learn to support the relevant policies of the four commission=□◆, so suspend Registration work. On the afternoon of the 1st, the reporter dialed the studen?

Original title☆■◁: The first new action after the three builds△●•▼: …○□”New Sound▷◇” debut “News Network” AM6◆△◁☆: 30 When Chaoyang rises from the vast frost rain morning, no matter where the Central Peoples Broadcasting Station, Newspaper Summary “will awaken you .○▪□★.△•▪. PM7◁▼: 00 When the sunset falls from ordinary coffin▼□, there is no matter where the body, the CCTV•••” News Network “is accompanying you … When the two combine•△■, what will be brought•▪▷? What is the creation▲■? They represent the beginning of the day and the end of the day. ▼□☆•”How is this news voice?” “” ■△”The voice of the voice is very special, it feels unfamiliar and familiar” ●○○▷”” News Network “?△◆▽” In recent days, there are many careful audiences discovery△◆◁•, “News Network” has several news dubbi.