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Pure collagen grass fed pasture raised bovine hide collagen peptides pectin mixer,[chicken native type ii collagen]China News Service Reporter Question: [Ask Wang Tingcong] What experience is there in the Taiwan District? What is the advantage of the Dawan District to attract Hong Kong and Macao? [Question Cui Shiping] What experience is Macao to connect the Daban District•▷▷? President and Chief Executive Director of Nantova Group, Wang Tingcong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Industrial and Commerce-▷◆: Choosing the Bay Area in Guangdong, Macau is very suitable☆●. Here the international vision is very large, and many resources are sufficient. In terms of transportation, the foundation of semicoplasts and air transport is mature, and the state has high support for the big bay area. I have brought three recommendations in this two sessions: 1. I hope to refine the system of returning to the Hong Kong and Macao compatriots▼…, with the ID card of the mainland, it is convenient to work in Guangdong, entrepreneurship, more convenient; 2□▲★◇. Tax issues, 4 tax systems in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao are different. I hope that as simple as the tax system■▼, let investors more convenient▼◁◇; ▷☆◁★.

Zhongxin Net Kunming on May 28 (Han Shuan) reporter learned from the Dali Prefecture Transportation Bureau of Yunnan Province on the 28th★◁▼▪, the countys Hexi Bridge was damaged in a 41-magnitude earthquake occurred on the evening of the 27th▲•◆◇, temporarily baned pedestrians and vehicles. Chinas seismic network officially determined, at 19:52 in Dali County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan (25.74 degrees Northern) in Yunnan Province (99.5 degrees East)◇=◆▼, with a depth of 12 km•▽▪. From the 18th, the county has been continuously happening, and the highest magnitude is a 6=▷▽▲.4 earthquake occurred on May 21••◆☆. The Yun County Transportation Bureau said that after the 4.1-magnitude earthquake occurred after the 27th, he was found to be inspected at the scen.

China New Network May 27th, according to Dalian released WeChat public number news, on the 26th, Dalian procuratorate shall be arrested by Dalian -○▽…”5 · 22″ case suspect in Dalian “5 · 22” case suspect in Dalian “5 · 22●☆-” case suspect in Dalian “5 · 22” case suspect. The case is under further handling. On May 22△-▼, Lu Liu, who was unacceptable, lost life confidence◁◁, and killed the life confidence. At 11:40, Liu moved along Tangshan Street to the Wubei Road intersection. After waiting for the green light instruction, he suddenly accelerated the vehicle speed from 0 speed to 108 km / h in 7 seconds (speed limit of the road section) 60 km / h)●☆▪=, also rushing red light, driving the extreme side of the passers-?