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[gummies collagen]Original title: Compared with the United States, Chinas scientific and technological strength is ◁□△”wild and weak☆●▲” or ○□••”powerful to suffocate”? Source: Looking at China Technology, dont blow it on the sky, not to enter the ground☆■. Wen Yuan Yufeng Evaluation of Chinas Science and Technology Structure National Laboratory of China University of Science and Technology China University of Science and Technology, has always been a hot topic▽-. After the United States, the heat of this topic has reached a historical peak. Many people have realized the importance of core technology●□○=. I realized that I can buy it is not all●▪▷■, I realize that independent innovation is the foundation of the country. These are positive effects△○. However, there are also many mistakes and practices that are still very popular. We just clarified this as an opportunity. A common mistake is to blow in Chin•△.

Original title: The Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the CPC Central Committee issued the ●○”Opinions on Improve Technical Workers” Xinhua News Agency Beijing▪◁▽, China Recently◁▪, the Office of the CPC Central Committee, the Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Improve Technical Workers=◇▲▲”●▲▼▽, And issued a notice, requiring various departments in all regions to participate in practical implementation○▼. The full text of “Opinions on Improve Technical Workers▲▼•” is as follows. In order to implement the “New Period Industrial Workers Team Construction Reform Program”, the inchogeneous skills orientation of the innovative skills-=◇-, further encourage hard work, honest labor, creative labor, enhance production service first-line position on workers attraction, construction knowledge, skill type, innovation Type worker army, create a professional social style and excellence of excellence, now improve the treatment of technical workers such •△★.

Original title▪-•▽: Li Jian Guo: Developing an Inspection Law is to implement the Party Central Committee on Deepening the National Monitoring System Reform Decision – making deployment. 13th National Peoples Congress held a fourth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People on the 13th▪▽, listening to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. The description of the draft monitoring law, listening to the statement of the State Council on the reform programs of the State Council□◆★, Voting the General Assembly for the draft decision on the establishment of the special committee of the National Peoples Congress■▪□, the Congress on the 13th National Peoples Congress Director-○●▷, Deputy Director▲◆…▼, member The draft voting method of the candidate▼▽☆, voted the 13th National Peoples Congress Constitution and the Legal Committee, the Director of the Financial and Economic Commission, and the deputy director•••, and the committee selection two draft draft. The following is a live record▪▽▷★: Li Jian Guo: First, the importance of formulating the l!

Xinhua News Agency, Dar es Saram, April 2 (Reporter Li Sibo Gaozhu) The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania released a consul in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam▷☆, Tanzania on March 31. During the immunity. The police have been involved in the investigation and suspect that the case is a robbery. The reporter learned from the Tanzanian Overseas Chinese Mutual Conception Center◇□▷. On the morning of March 31, the unidentified gangster broke into a house of the Commercial District△☆, Daraster City, causing a Chinese citizen to die. Currently▷…, the case is still under investigation=▪■▷. The consular of the Embassy reminded that the Tanzanias security situation has been tightened and the case is frequent. The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania once again solemnly reminds all the Chinese citizens to be vigilant, enhance security awareness◇○, do not carry big portab.

Original title: Emergency and other difficult temporary rescue can be “first rescue after approval” Xinhua News Agency, Beijing March 28 (Reporter Luo Guang) reporter learned from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the Ministry of Finance issued “About☆◇•” Further strengthening and improving the advice of temporary rescue work◇△•, clearly proposing to optimize the provisional provisional rescue review approval process, and take immediate rescue measures for traffic accidents, sudden serious diseases, etc. Afterwards◁★▷, perform the approval procedures◆=. Suggestions, according to difficult circumstances, temporary rescue objects can be divided into emergency rescue objects and expenditure rescue objects. The crucial rescue object mainly includes the cause of the fact that family members have caused major diseases and other special difficulties, such as accidents such as fires, traffic accidents, leading to basic student. host cell industrial scale protein production champion gelatineGelatin wholesale gold collagen drink bovine collagen vs collagen peptides,