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[alternative proteins industry]Original title▪-: Xu Jianwen◁○▽, deputy director of Qingyuan-◁, was investigated▽△★, and the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee announced that the first subject of the Chief Officer report was informed from the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection◇○□, which was informed of the Supervision Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Commission▽▲. Xu Jianwen☆□●, deputy director of the Committee▽●, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and monitoring◆•. Xu Jianwen was the first subject-in-one-grade cadre published after the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee. Xu Jianwen resume Xu Jianwen◇■…▽, male, Han nationality■◆, born in September 1962, June 1992 joined the Chinese Communist Party, Party School University▪★, Guangdong Freshman▼-▪▪. In October 1978■■●◇, he served as Qingyuan County Teacher, Cadres△▷□, Deputy Mayor, and President. From May 1998, he served as the Standing Committee of Qingcheng District Committee=☆▷◆, the Chief Committee of the Qingyuan City, China; 20○△.

Original title: Foreign netizens hot comment Wang Yi Foreign Minister Reporter▷◁▪△: Some people change ◁●○◇”the blind”, there is a human statement to agree online: March 8th, the Foreign Minister Wang Yi will answer the “China Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations” during the two sessions-•…. Reporter question▷•◆. This golden sentence is frequently reported not only to pay attention to overseas media, but also ignited the enthusiasm of foreign netizens, they ordered the words of the foreign ministers, or affirmed Chinas foreign policy, and some people have other The countrys relationship gives an objective rational analysis. Netizen talks about China and the United States ▲△…△”Trade Wars”△★: American consumers will depressed US netizens say that China and the United States trade war will be frustrated by American consumers◁○-▼. This netizen believes that the trade war has no winner●○=▲. Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked about China-US trade friction at the press conference that the experience of history is proved△△●, and the trade war is fr.

Chinas new network Changzhi May 27th (Li Tingyao Zhao Wei) under the eyes of pepper seedlings▼■▷▼, and the field is planned. On the 27th◁◇◁-, a seedlings of a agricultural company in the Changzhi District of Shanxi Province▪■•△, a strain pepper seedling greenery, 13 township (district) 187 villages, about 90□-★-,000 acres of pepper seeds will be completed. From the unsome pepper industry to drive local nearly 20,000 rural labor income to get rich. Located in the southeast of Shanxi, the west side of the upper party basin is the traditional agricultural county, and the “rice grain” is known. For a long time, corn planting is the industrial ownership industry△=. In the face of the imbalance of agricultural supply and demand structure△…, the factor configuration is unreasonable, the peasant income growth is weak,.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Director Talks▼○: The State Council Institutional Reform Program provides a system for Beijing to implement the new general rules and regulations (Reporter Li Yukun Guo Chao) March 14th•○•▪, the 13th National Peoples Congress A meeting held a plenary meeting to consider the State Councils institutional reform programs. The director of the National Peoples Congress and director of the Beijing Development and Reform Commission said that the State Councils institutional reform plan fully reflects the requirements of sustainable development, and provides a system guarantee for the implementation of new cities in Beijing. Talking, in his speech, the State Councils reform program fully reflects the determination of the reform of the partys central army with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core◆▷. The “program◆▼▷” banner is clear◆…•, and it has implemented the partys Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Part▼○•▪.

Xinhua News News Agency The Bill is marked with the full completion of the local legislation involved in the Hong Kong Sector Electoral System. This is the legal results and system progress in Hong Kong to the rule of Zhizhi, the original Qing source, the re-departure…▲★◇, “Patriots” principle is fully implemented from the system mechanism, reflecting and implementing, and the “Oriental Pearl” after the wind and rain To the new stage of development◁☆▲, Hong Kongs ◁◇”one country, two systems◁-” practices have opened a new chapter in history◇▲▽□. Adopt.