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[whey protein industry in india]Original title: Qinghai Tibet University will return to Everest and retrieve the snow ice sample for the first time. “After opening, it is necessary to start cross-Pearl Feng Fengji.” Yao Tuan, a tourist, rushing, rushing, rushing▲◇, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yao Tongdong●-◆▽, Yao Tongdong Science and Technology Daily reporter. Last year, the national second Qinghai-Tibet Plateau integrated examination was officially launched▷◆. If the first Qinghai Tibetology exam in the 1970s is a scientific discovery. It is in nearly half a century, and the second Qinghai Tibet examination extends to the third pole area, which is expected to be 10 years•□▷•. This area is the core area of ​​…○”all the way”, with more than 3 billion peoples survival development☆••▷. “Focus on water, ecology◁◆▼, and human activities, focus on solving the problem of environmental carrying capacity, disaster risk▽★◁◇, green development route•□…▪,…▼” General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulator.

Original title▼▪■: The Ministry of Transport is sent to the supervision team to supervise the quality of Guanda Road Cantaha Tunnel in Gansu Province, and the Quele Tunnel Project of Gansu Province, the Quele Tunnel Project Quality Problem of Guanda Road Canto Tunnel in Gansu Province reported on the media report. The Ministry of Transportation sent a special supervision team to go to Gansu Province to rectify the quality and work style of the report and on-site supervision of the working style of the report-○▪▽. On April 1, the CCTV reported that the quality of Cantaha tunnel project in Gansu Province, the relevant units and department personnel were untrue, and the work was pushed. The Ministry of Transport said that on the one hand□▲-, it reflects the problem of engineering construction quality and safety hazard. On the other hand▼▼◇◁, it also exposes the problem of work style. The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to this•▼□▼, emphasizing the “zero tolerance” attitud○▷▲-.

Original title: Beijing senior high school entrance examination has implemented “3 + 3 + 1″ from this year, Beijing will implement the new senior high school entrance examination mode of ▽▼”3 must test +3 candidates + sports”, which is the subject, other subjects○…, Choose a test from history, geography, ideological and moral, physics○★, biological (chemistry) to participate in the exam. Among them, cultural courses are divided into 540 points; the sports exam is divided into 40 points, including 30 points for the site=•▼•, 10 points for process assessment•■. Students who are being classified-●. Data map cultural courses, the total score of language and mathematical test volumes are 100 points; the total score of foreign language test volume is 100 points, of which 60 is divided into a roll test score, 40 points into hearing, oral examination results, take computer test mode , Separated from the unique test pen, students have two exam opportunities▪▲◆, and take the highest sco?

Original title: Liu Jianyang•◇▽◇, director of the Nanchang Municipal Committee○▪, served as deputy secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, Nomination Mayors Candidates, held the citys leading cadres meeting, announced the provincial party committees decision on the main responsible comrades of the Nanchang Municipal Government The Provincial Party Committee decided: Liu Jianyang, member of Nanchang Municipal Committee, Standing Committee◁…▪, Deputy Secretary, nominated to Nanchang Municipal Government Mayor Candidates; Zhou Guo An Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary▷□=, Standing Committee, Committee, Nominate Nanchang City Government Mayor The appointment of mayor is handled according to relevant legal provisions. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee▷■■★, the Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yin Mengou hosted the meeting▽▷◇●, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee★=○■, and the Director of the Provincial Peoples Congress•…, Director Gong Shaolin attended the meeting. Zou Shaohui, Department of Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee▽□★▽, Director of Cadres, announced the decision of the provincial party committee. Source: WeChat blessings▽◁◇△.About Us instant bovine collagen peptide separated size 3 gelatin capsules,