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[uses of single cell protein in industry]Original title: As long as there is a speech to speaking on March 5, the National Peoples Congress represents Guo Fenglian answered the reporter in the “Representative Channel”. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo National Peoples Congress, Guo Fenglian, a total secretary of Dazhai Village★◇▽▼, Dazhai Town, Shanxi, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, Zeng Zhai, ••△”Tiegu” captain, this year is the sixth elected National Peoples Congress As the peasant representative, Guo Fenglian is very concerned about the “three rural•▽●” issues, and five proposals have been mentioned this year▷▲▲. She said, now she still lives in Dazhai, live in the countryside▽☆■=, did not leave her home-…□. As long as there is an occasion○•★, she is going to speech a farmer. Talking about performance proposals are all about the rural farmers Beijing News: This year is the general representative of the National Peoples Congress? Guo Fenglian◆▷■: The sixth time. I am the fourth□▼△◁, the 5th National Peoples Congre◇▪-▪.

Original title: The Ministry of Commerce is talking about poverty alleviation: 2017 e-commerce poverty alleviation has covered 499 poverty-stricken counties Overseas network on March 11th at 10●◇=:00 am, the 13th National Peoples Congress□★, a Meeting News Center held a journalist According to the Minister of Commerce, the Minister of Commerce, the deputy director and the deputy director of the International Trade Negotiation-△, and the deputy director Qian Keming has answered questions about China and foreign journalists△•◆. There are reporters asked, what are the expected results of the Ministry of Commerce for the business of the business poverty alleviation? Minister of Commerce said that next step is to do 5 poverty alleviation▪■●◇. Among them★-, there are e-commerce poverty alleviation▪▪=□, promote e-commerce into the countryside◁-☆, help rural areas of specialty agricultural products out of the mountains▪□▲, walk into the city•▽□, sell a good price○△…☆, cultivate a batch of ri○★.

Original title (two sessions snoring) Minister of Science and Technology★•: my countrys new energy vehicle has more than 1.6 million Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 10 (Reporter Hu Hao, Yu Xiajie) Minister of Science and Technology Wangang 10th in the 13th National Peoples Congress At the meeting reporter meeting, as of 2017, my countrys electric vehicles and new energy vehicles have reached 770▼▲○▼,000, which has more than 1★=□.6 million vehicles-◁, accounting for half of the world▷▪. Wan Steel said that my country has implemented major science and technology projects since 2001, the development of electric vehicles, especially batteries-◆, motors, electric controls, etc., launching research from the basis to technical research. After 10 years, we will start to start large-scale promotion-•. “Now the world, from traditional cars, it has become a trend●•…☆.-□…” Wan Steel said▽◇★□,.