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[industrial protein extraction]Original title=▷◁: Wuhan 3 municipal management cadres were in one-time being investigated☆=…•, and the team was 5 years★☆■. He is a two-pace of Wuhan Municipal Peoples Government to participate in Xu Qiucheng. Yuan is the people●–=, suspected of serious violations▲☆□▽, is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and monitoring investigation○◆, and is taken in an indwelling measures△★…△. From a notified news, the three people who were checked on the same day◆◁, Yuan Yingyou, Yuan as the peoples colleagues○▲, all the leaders of the Wuhan Civil Defense Office, one person as the deputy director, one person is the inspector. However, Hubei Daily WeChat (ID: HUBEIRIBAO) found that in fact, the above three people are old colleagues. Xu Qiucheng, who was in the case of Wuhan Municipal Peoples Government, the former position, is a hand of Wuhan Citizen Prevention Office▼▼▼: Party Committee Secretary, Director★◆-. A•☆◁▷.

Original title: “May 4th Constitution•●▲” historical data display hall constitution swearing wall replacement oath content Source: Legal Evening Newspaper / Reporter Zhu Jianyong, Wang Ronghui Legal Evening News • Views News (Reporter Zhu Jianyong Wang Ronghui) March 11th, 84 Beishan Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang The First Constitution of the University of the University, the first constitutional drafting – the “May 4th Constitution○◆☆” historical information exhibition hall is conducting the final revision on the oath text carved on the wall of the Constitution. The revision will be completed on March 12△•▷◆. Due to the 12th (Monday) display hall closed, the new constitutional swearing wall will meet with the public on the 13th (Tuesday). According to the Constitutional Oath System•▪, the recent revision of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the Constitution sworn from 70 words from 70 words since March 12, 2018. The new oath is: ◇▽”I swe!

Original title: The Leader Leader◆▪◁●, the PLA will report to Singapore according to Xinhua News Agency, from June 1st to 3rd, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army delegation attended the 17th Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore. This is the Chinese army for 12 consecutive delegations to participate in the ▽-“incense”★▼. The Delegation participated in the main activities of this “incense”★☆▪★. He Lei, head of the delegation, He Lei, deputy dean-☆, deputy dean, the PLA●▷, will say in the meeting that China advocates common●◁=□, comprehensive, cooperative▷-▷•, sustainable concepts, advocating new international relations with cooperation and win-win▲▲◆▷, advocating Alliance★▪, work hard to build, share, share=▪, win – win situation☆-•. During the meeting, During the meeting, the delegation was widely exposed to the representatives of the countries, and in-depth discussion of hot focus issues, explaining Chinese standings and views■-•. He Lei and n▪■☆.

Satellite News Red Footprints Sticky North Row: The witness of Xiangjiang△•, although Xiangjiang has originated from Xiangnan, there is a Wongjiang Battle of the Central Red Army…▪▪▼, the central Red Army. The county started the state, Xingan, and the relative position of the three counties in Irrigang, I just formed a “product■•◁” shaped Kuomintang to set the core defense in the triangle of the River, Xiangjiang, Lijiang River network–, such as a open mouth “iron Triangle □-“Waiting for the Red Army to drill into the top of the Xiangjiang River, the rush, the mountains, the peaks, and the cereals is a typical karst▽●●. Although it is easy to hide, it is not conducive to the large team to quickly marching several times the enemy Red Army soldier. useful proteins in industry gelatin empty capsuleGelatin wholesale gelatina alimentara chicken collagen type ii side effects,