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[capsule chart size]Original title: Tiangong No□▷▷. 1 is expected to fall in the weekend to constitute a dangerous information◁•: Tiangong No. 1 model Xinhua News Agency Zhan Yan Photo News Network reported foreign media said that foreign media said, China Tiangong No▲▽◆□. 1 Space Station will be Easter is falling on the weekend▷△■☆. According to the British ▲●◆”Daily Mail” website reported on March 28◇…, the space station launched in 2011 and officially stopped using it in 2016. According to the report, since the use of the space station, the height of the space station has been steadily declining, and now it will be separated from the track, hit the Earth in the Easter Slim. According to reports, the spacecraft is currently flying around the Earth and a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour, and its trajectory is between 43 degrees in North and South. Report pointed out that this makes Australia◁…△★, Afri.

Original title: There are many people in the 5 suites! There are also 100 suites capsules empty gelatin gelatin ingredient! Pan Shiyi: Hurrying on their taxation in two sessions in 2018, the discussion on real estate tax levy is endless△☆□■. On the evening of March 7●●◁☆, Soho China Chairman Pan Shiyi said in a personal Weibo that real estate taxation will definitely affect housing prices-★○◁, vacancy rates◇▷□△, housing prices will fall. All the review areas will be considered ..▽■◇•. With regard to the specific rules☆▪, Pan Shiyis view is that the relief must be greatly reduced-○□-, the first set of houses can absolutely cant receive, the second house should not be listed◇=, three sets, four Set, more than five sets of people are more, hurry to deal with their tax◁=◆▼. In addition, Pan Shiyi also said that it is necessary to legislate▪○▷, dont pilot◁◆★, and fully authorize it◁☆, it is a local tax•◆☆, the place is going to make each city every cit.

China News Agency=▼●▼, May 27 (Reporter Shaoxatin) Amendment data released on the 27th of the US Department of Commerce shows that the US domestic product (GDP) increased by 6.4% in the first quarter of this year, with the initial data Flat▷★…△. Data show that the first quarter accounted for approximately 70% of the total US economy than about 70%, from 0.6 percentage points higher than the initial data•◇; 10.8% of non-residential fixed asset investment reflecting corporate investment status, which is more than 0.9 A percentage point. In addition, exports and private inventory investments are lower than that of the initial value. The data also displays that due to the introduction of a number of counterparts in the first quart is collagen in gelatin undenatured type ii chicken collagen buy!Pectin manufacturer,