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Pure collagen industrial scale protein purification and preparation,[protein drinks industry]Original title★▲: Who can retire early in advance? How to advance in the retirement? The answer is coming! During the national two sessions this year, some of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference called: Specialized retirement system reforms in advance▼▼•…. my country is currently legal retirement age, male is 60 years old, female workers are 50 years old•◇★•, female cadres are over 55 years old. According to the law, some special types of employees who meet special conditions can be retired in advance according to law. Then, the employee, civil servants meet any conditions to retire in advance, how is the specific procedure? What changes may occur in the future retirement policy? The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference calls▼•●: to start the special type of retirement system in advance, during the national two sessions of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference from Hainan, the joint call: Specialty as soon as possible to retre nature made gelatin source gelatin mixture raw material collagen!

▼••”Director of the Director of the Financial Economic Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress, member of the deputy director, a list of 23 (a total). Director: Xu Shao Shi. Deputy Director-◆=-: Liu Yuan, Zhang Yi◆•▽▽, Yin Zhongqing○■▪…, Xiong Qunli, Xie Jingrong-◇, Uri Tu (Mongolian), Liu Xinhua (Hui), Guo Qingping. Member (according to the name string)■★◇: Wang Li, Wang Dongjing▼•△, Lu Wei (female), Zhu Mingchun, Zhuang Yumin (female)◁◆, Liu Xiuwen, Sun Bao Hou, Wang Kang, Ouyang Changqiong, Zhou Songhe, Xu Rujun, Fu Fangli ( Female)▪=, Cai Ling (female)◁••, Cai Jiming. Read it. Editor in charge◁■●: Huo .

Original title•□▷-: ★☆•▷”Give students to reduce” why affect the heart (the peoples comments), the proposed is a big question of an education reform, need more comprehensive, integrated★●, systematic institutional system arrangements this years government work report, one Little things have attracted many parents concerned, that is, “focus on solving the classual burden of primary and secondary school students”. The central economic work conference held at the end of last year, which will list this problem as non-competent “peoples livelihood••-□”□▷○. Why is this ◁=”high level” issue for primary and secondary school students? Shu Mountain is the sea, the hardship hard, the educational method of the chop, is full of disease, in fact, the demand for reduction is also long…▷. As early as 1955, the Ministry of Education issued the ☆▷”instructions on reducing the excessive burden of primary and secondary schools”□▷=◁; 1990 -•-“School hygie?

Original title: Military Med Medal Interpretation of the “Department of Retired Military Affairs☆-◁■”▲□: Overall is greatest than the local and March 13th, the Beijing Great Hall, the State Council Institutional Reform Plan for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress◇△. According to the program•▼, the State Council has established the Department of Retired Military Affairs, resettlement of the retired military personnel of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the duties of the officers of the Ministry of Social Security, and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, the relevant responsibilities of the Logistics Security Department, and form the Detaranting Military Affairs Department, As a department of the State Council▷◇…. On March 13th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting at the Beijing Great Hall. How does the Xinhua News Agency understand the intrinsic meaning of “responsibilities”□▲? How to expand the external space of “responsibilities”? On the same day, the State Councilor Wang Yong made a reform plan for the State Counci.