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Contacts industrial purification of proteins timescale gelatin bloom,[blooming gelatin]China New Network reported that the Argentine Chinese network reported that the local time on the morning of the local time▪★, a gunman robbed a Chinese supermarket in Pisal, Argentina…▼◁=, and escaping in the beating shop◇○▽▽. According to the police news▪○◇, the incident occurred at 9:30 am on the 27th, and the supermarket just opened the door. A gangster broke into the supermarket and threatened the 37-year-old Chinese owner and a 28-year-old female employee, snatched about 5△□△■,000 peso cash and two apple phones. It is reported that the gangsters use the gun to beaten the main head of the store before escaping, causing the lack of scalp being cut•▪. Then, the gangster fled the scene. According to witnesses around◇=◆▼, there is another riding motorcycl?

Zhongxin Net Ningbo May 26th (Li Dai Fan Moon Amsed Xie Weiwei), located in the future community project of Tongshan, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province▲▪□, has become the future community plot of the citys first auction deal The future community project of Tongshan is one of the second batch of future community pilots in Zhejiang Province, and the total area of ​​the unit is about 203,000 square meters■◇▷◆. The area is 116,413 square meters▼★, with a total construction area of ​​about 540◆•,000 square meters, land use is urban residential, retail business, catering land○□◆, including 59,380 square meters to use Tongshan community demolition and resettlement, local block implementation “limited house price ☆▲○▼, Limited land price▲-, competition. The building area will be constructed in the pl?

Original title☆◁▲●: China Hong Kong will release the vegetable import restriction on Japan 4 counties after nuclear accidents [Global Network reported reporter flexing] According to Japan, July 20th, Japanese Agricultural and Forestry Aquatter announced on the 20th○▷•◆, Chinas Hong Kong SAR Government 24 It will be partially relaxed to Japanese food import restrictions on the Fukushima nuclear accident, involving some foods such as the vegetables of Zicheng▽▼▪, Musk, group horses▲□, and thousands of leaves. This is the first relaxation restriction in Hong Kong after the nuclear accident, and 4 counties will be able to export foods such as vegetables in Hong Kong. According to the report, it is relaxed to restrict vegetables, fruits, milk▪…▲▪, milk beverages and milk powder▽▷▪, but the Japanese side still need to submit radioactive material examination proof documents▪▪□▽. The same restricted Fukushima Prefectural products will not be exported▽◁◁. According to farm water, the Hong Kong governments export conditions are outside the inspection document•▪■.

The original title Zhou Qiang: In-depth implementation of the concept of new development concept Service to ensure the continued health development of the Economic Society on March 9, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People, listening to the Supreme Peoples Court○●, Zhou Qiang The report of the Supreme Peoples Court, listened to the report of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianming on the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate=-▷. The following is a live record☆★: Zhou Qiang: Third, in-depth implementation of the concept of new development★•▼, the service guarantees the structural reform of the continuous health development service supply side. The courts at all levels were reviewed 1643.8 million cases of business cases, up 53.9% year-on-year. Actively carry out bankruptcy trial work, open the national enterprise bankruptcy reforming case information network, introduced “implementation of bankruptcy” opinion, improve the market subject resc•●.

Original title: Guangzhou: Notified 3 Party members and cadres■▽▷, including the =◇”Protective umbrella•▲” Liu Yongtian, the party committee of Liucun Community□□…☆, East District, Huangpu District, organized, leaders, and participated in the problem of black social nature=▽☆. In 1999, Liu Yongtai was elected after the original Luogang District East District Street Liu Village Committee Party Committee Party Committee Party Committee Secretary, in order to obtain illegal interests, using its identity to develop “Liu Village▽△, the villages, and social grounds must be undertaken by this village, social staff The unwritten rules of the outside person are unable to intervene◁-■◇, and the parties to the company will gradually form the organization with black social nature○▪■-, through violent injury, nourish, obstruct illegal means, strong, seize the projects in Liu Village▽▲, and implement stro.