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Contacts![industrial whey protein review]Original title: Li Qingquan, the National Peoples Congress: It is recommended that Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cooperation creates “Bay Area” Li Qingquan, the generals of Shenzhen University★•●, Li Qingquan, is the only education in the Representative of the National Peoples Congress. For the first time, I participated in the national two sessions, Li Qingquan pays attention to the development of higher education development in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao District. In an interview with the media reporter, Li Qingquan suggested that under the support of the central government, Guangdong◇◆, Hong Kong and Macao cooperated to create a “Bay Area▽-▪▪”, under the framework of =△□”one country, two systems”, break through the system barriers for higher education exchange cooperation, and promote the big bay Synergistic Development and Leaping Development of Higher Education in Area•▲●. Li Qingquan, president of Shenzhen University, has been engaged in university management work in the past 20 years. He said that as a representative from the National Peoples Congress from the field of higher education, he has a responsibility from the system level as a countr=△▷ gelatin tablets whey protein industry!

Original title: College financial academics to stay controversy (picture Source•◇: Panorama Visual) Economic Observer reporter Du Tao is seeming to be two extreme development. On the side of 2017, the financial department of Sun Yat-sen University was canceled. Some experts judged a number of finance disciplines of 985○★, 211 universities in the downhill■●■○; the other side★=, the Central University of Finance and Economics=◆, the experts from China Finance Science Research Institute wanted to reform Dongfeng will reshape financially□▽◆. Cai Fang (pseudonym), a national famous 985 University of Northern University of China▪…. He is always joking•◁●, and his finances can “survive” to retire. ▷…▲◆”I feel that the finance is reunited for ten years to twenty years▲○△▪, because the employment of students is not good◆◇▼, undergraduate students cant recruit•▪◇◁” Cai Fang cant see the hope of financial learning. He to…•?

Original title: Fujian△…★□: It is planned to include a -=★”blacklist■▼★” in the ▪▽◇”blacklist” in the “Blacklist”, and Zheng Guozhang, the legal representative of Fujian, was sentenced to five years six months. Prior to this, the Director of the Dragon Municipal Committee of the Longhai Municipal Committee of Fujian Province, and the staff of the staff☆▲•■, Wu Zhizhong, who were sentenced to the Zheng Guozhang and others•○▲▲, and were sentenced to eight years in prison, bribers and bribers were punished…◆. This is the requirements of the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in Fujian Province, earnestly implement the requirements of the “bribery bribery☆☆△◁”★○, according to the supervision permissions given by the supervision law, to the “surrounder•□…” and the -◇=”surrounder” bright sword. “Adhere to the bribery bribery○=■◆, let the bribers and bribers pay the price, compress the hunt and the” Well be hunt The build space. “Fujian Provincial Committ? best collagen industrially important proteins