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[ambar protein industries ltd sanand]Original title•☆: The President of the Peoples Congress Liu Wei: 6.5% Objective Admission to Deepening the Supply Side Reform, Ren Xiaowei 2018 Government Work Report Summary In 2018☆△, the GDP growth target is about 6.5%. Members of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Liu Wei▪-, President of Renmin University of China…▷○, said in an interview with media, 6◇…◆☆.5 This growth rate is based on Chinas actual=▷●, and has its scientific according to the intrinsic logic. Liu Wei believes that, first•••◇, a growth rate of about 6▽•.5 is very significant, and we are currently stable and inflation, and there must be economic development and economic growth rates. Liu Wei has an inherent logic relationship between the first financial reporters■▲, unemployment, inflation rate, and economic growth rate. Development is to solve all proble□◁.

[Centennial Party and China] Incorporate the Ecological Civilization System System into National System and Governance System Author: Nanjing University Information Management School Party Secretary, Department of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Total Secretary, Total Secretary, Total Secretary, Story: “Protecting the Ecological Environment Relying on the System☆=, relying on the rule of law Only with the most stringent system●○■, the most strict rule of law can provide reliable security for the construction of ecological civilization. “The Central Committee of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the national governance system and improved the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. Decision of a number of major issues of governance ability, “The following is” decided “), focusing on the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, focusing on the happiness of the peopl.

Sino-Xinwang Kunming May 27th (Xie Yifang Wang Yongwen) has continued to improve in Yunnan, and the China Railway Kunming Bureau has entered the state of flood control “to fight”, and ensure the safety of high-speed rail and passenger train. The Yunnan Railway is a typical southwestern mountain railway•▽, the regional climatic conditions are different, the terrain geological conditions are complex■★□, after entering the main flood season•••, the mid-range floods in the middle of the Yunnan, and the middle of the Yunnan, the possibility of mountain flood geological disasters in Minnan Province Large△■▲●, ensuring that the safe pressure in the flood season is large□▷-★, the difficulties are more difficult, and the situation is complicated□◆. The picture shows the railway worker to carry out a new round of flood control hazard investigation and rectification…▲△●. Yang Yongquan is related to the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Flood Control Offi…☆▪?

Original title: Jiuquan satellite launch center scenic spot is weighing March 14■▽, the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Tourism Association★△▪, and recently issued an announcement in the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee of Gansu Province, in accordance with the National Standards of the Peoples Republic of China The division and assessment of the quality level, ◁★=”Measures for the Quality of Tourism Scenic Area”, is recommended by the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Management Committee of Jiuquan City, Gansu Provincial Tourism Scenic Area Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Scenic Area reaches the national 4A-level tourism The standard requirements of the scenic spot are approved as a national 4A-level tourist attraction-○●. Source: ▪•”China Gansu Network” WeChat public account Editor•▼▽: Zhang .Pure collagen.