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[liquid collagen private label] Nanjing May 26th (Xu Shanshan) According to the Jiangsu Provincial Peoples Office on the 26th news★□◁, in recent years, Jiangsu put the new apprenticeship of the enterprise as an important part of vocational skills training▼■△, and there were 145 colleges and 843 companies…◁▪■. To cooperate, 65●●-▼,000 new apprentices training were carried out▪△◇◁, and the subsidy fund was 120 million yuan●■. According to reports•△◆, the companys new apprenticeship training, ◇…”recruitment is enrollment, entering enterprises to enter the school”•△, adhere to the main status of corporate training-…☆, adopting enterprise cooperation, performing long cycles for business employees, due to cultivating objects◇…, direct employees, direct The quality of service enterprises and the improvement of the production quality and process are completely on demand, with strong targeti.

Original title: 2018 National two sessions 丨 National Peoples Congress representative Zhu Guoping: Dont let the elderly fall in the intelligent era of the new Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) This afternoon▽□•, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting, review the government Work report, the meeting is open to domestic and foreign reporters. Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Zhu Guoping, the Hongqiao Street▲□•○, Hongqiao Street, Changning District-▽•, Shanghai, proposed in the review△▼, and the era of information technology should not abandon the growing population. “Under the trend of intelligence, the elderly groups can not be ignored.” Zhu Guoping listed all the troubles currently encountered by the elderly: to the bank will not use self-service machines, queuing cant eat•▲□☆; roadside taxi cant get it◇…○, dont worry●▪★★; children buy smart home appliances , More complex operation, a wide range of functions, basically, the most important thing is to go to the hospit▪=!

Original title▽▲: How to build a world-class military school in Chinese characteristics▼△▼■? The general of this generals understand Wang Jinlong••, the Principal of the Peoples Liberation Army▲-•, Exclusive Linear Engineering University. How to build a world-class military school in Chinese characteristics? The general of the general explained. The level of military colleges☆…, the strength of the army, the victory of the war This article is from the “China Army Net” WeChat public accounter=▼▪■: As the master of the military college=□☆, you are in the first-class army of the military college. What is the understanding of the mission responsibility and status☆▼? President Wang Jinlong◇◁: The 19th National Congress of the Party blew the construction of the new era of the worlds first-class army★•◇◆, and our army ushered in the big development and leaping strategic opportunities. The strong military is the force▽▪, talent is the key, education is the foundation. Mao Zedong has a famous argument●▽◇■: no culture of the army is stupi.

Original title…▲★▷: Does the country shot, do you have a great earthquake? Fan Bingbing tax does not tax◆△•▼? Look at Cui Yongyuan Weibo to tear a few days of ice, but today, things are changing. Today (3rd) In the afternoon•◇••, the State Administration of Taxation was published in the official website, and the investigation of tax authorities such as Jiangsu Province has been responsible for the investigation of ▷=•”yin and yang contracts-◆◆” related to film and television workers-▼. The content is as follows: For recent online reflection of the relevant film and television employees•■☆=, the taxation issues in the Yin and Yany and Yanyang Contracts, the State Administration of Taxation has inspected Jiangsu and other local tax authorities to conduct investigations and verification according to law. If illegal act is found▪•◁◁, it will be strictly disposed of law=▼▪…. The State Administration of Taxation will further strengthen risk prevention and control measures based on the assessment of the investigation of some high-income film and television practitioners, and a.

Original title: The amount involved in the case is more than 700 million yuan△▷▲. The general manager of Lu Jinfen is Changhong is subject to the review and liberation date. On January 5 this year, the first branch of Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Development Co○■◁◆., Ltd. The former chairman of Lu Jiazui International Trust Co., Ltd-▷. Chang Hong is suspected of corruption, illegal operation of similar business, and misappropriating public funds■●▽☆. On April 2■★……, Shanghai No. 1 Middle Court held a trial. The trial showed that this case was publicly heard in Shanghai○○•, the Fifth Tribunal of Shanghai, at 9:30 am on April 2. Due to the complex case◁□=, the conference before the case was held recently. According to the public data, Changhong was born in 1963…●, graduated from the Graduate School of Xian Jiaotong University School of Management in 1990, a doctoral degree▽…☆. From . gelatin wholesale price jello and collagenGelatin wholesale bovine type 1 collagen peptides alternative protein industry,