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About Us.[liguid collagen]Original title: Keep General Secretary to promote Jinggangshan spirit to take a new era “Long Zun Road•…◆” as a good new era ▪●▽☆”Key Secretary■★” General Secretary Xi Jinping-□-◁, the important requirements of the general secretary of Xi Fei△■, March 24 to 25○△△●, province Secretary and Governor Liu Qi came to Jinggangshan research□★•◁. He emphasizes that in the new era◆-…•, the most fundamental work of Jiangxi is to guide the socialist thinking in Xi Jinpings new era△▷▪, keep in mind the general secretary to adhere to the initial heart. Follow the general secretary to pay attention to the general secretary to revolution The red sincereity of the old district is transformed into struggle, and the general secretary is transformed into the vivid practice of the important requirements of Jiangxi. It vigorously promotes the spirit of Jinggangshan, and in depth■…◁◁, the partys 19th National Congress and the national two sessions. -△”Long Zun Road△…”, when n★•.

Original title▲□●: ○•”Red Sea Action” is suddenly stopped in Vietnam△☆▪, only because this scene ▽◁◁… Movie, the Soldier Group completed the task, the picture of the East China Sea (ie◆▽☆○, China South China Sea). Some Chinese warships are surrounded by an unknown nationality, saying that this is a Chinese territory, requiring it to leave▪…. The total box office has exceeded the China Movie ●○◇”Red Sea Action■◇-” of the RMB 35 billion, but it was offline in Vietnam◆◇★. The Vietnam Express reported that the film contained the scene of the Chinese warship in the ●▽▼”disputed waters”, causing disputes in Vietnam. “Red Sea Action” movie poster ●=◁△”Red Sea Action◇■▽” began in Vietnam on March 16…▪. ◇-▼”Vietnamese Express” said that the Vietnamese film issuance reported that the film stopped the show after the Vietnamese cinema was released on 10 days▼■●•. Vietnam responsible for the fi△▲-.

Original title▪-△: Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee•△▲, Director Liu He visited the US Xinhua News Agency◁●☆▲, Washington, March 3 Director of the Office of the Leading Group, China and the United States and the comprehensive economic dialogue Chinese led Liu He visited the United States◇•▷…. During the visit, Liu He took the US Finance Minister Monkin and the White National Economic Commission, Director of the White House■◁□, held consultations on the important issues of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation and other common concerns. Liu He said that this year, President Xi Jinping and President Trump have been closely linked through telephone, communication, etc.…▽◆, indicating the direction of Sino-US relations. The two sides should work hard to implement the important consensus reached by the heads of the two countries, and focus on expanding the economic and trad.

Zhongxin Net Zhhot May 27 (Reporter Li Aiping) On the 27th, China Xinnong reporter has obtained the exact news from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission▽■□▽. Inner Mongolia will crack down on virtual currency -•…▽”digging” behavior. At present•□•■, the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission has formulated the •◁”Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission on resolutely combating the punishment of virtual currency” digging “(referred to as” eight measures “)▪●◆. Chinas new network reporter learned that the official introduction of the “eight measures” is the deployment requirements of the Financial Stabilization Committee of the China State Council on combating Bitcoin mining and trading behaviors, and implemented •☆”Inner Mongoli! gelatin sheet manufacturer native path collagen peptides reviews

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