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[ambar protein industries ltd share price]Original title: This month was overcharged by three super earthquakes! China sent condolences to this nobody paying attention to Beijing time at 1:39 in the morning today, Papua New Guinea has once again happened to a 6.8 earthquake, and the source depth is 15.2 km. This is also the third strong earthquake in this South Pacific Island▷-=. According to the US Geological Exploration Bureau website, at 1:39 am Beijing time, a 6.8 earthquake in the New Ireland in Papua New Ireland is 15.2 km from the Source depth. The US Pacific Tsunami Alert Center said that although this earthquake is shallow source earthquake▽◇◆, there is no threat to the tsunami. ▲ Source: The US Geological Exploration Bureau has a few days ago, 10 oclock on March 6th, Papua New Guinea suddenly occurred as high as 6.

At the routine reporter meeting held on May 27th, the Secretary for Defense•◇■○, Deputy Director of the Department of Defense, Department of Defense, Department of Defense, Dali☆=▷△, Dali, Yunnan=▼, Dali, Dali◆-, May 21, and 22nd Diki County, Qinghai Gu Luozhou Mado County has occurred 6…▽.4, 7.4 earthquake. After the disaster occurrence, the Central Military Commission joint operation command center and the relevant aater, the force launched the emergency response mechanism, emergency investment, to carry out rescue disaster relief■▲, and designated the preparation of the support for the preform of the near-troops. At present…◁-, disaster relief work is in powerful development. Tan Kefei said that the people met amouragement and army. This is the purpose of the peoples army, the responsibility system. Task For□◇◁-.

Zhongxin Net Zigong May 27 (Liu Gangxi) “Searched for 28 years▪▲, today, the relatives of the relatives today.” On May 27th, the man returned to the hometown of Sichuan Zigong from Henan Province, Zhao◁•, finally and his own parents. meet•★. On the same day, the 28-year-old relatives gathered, touched everyone at the scene. According to reports■▪-△, on April 4•◆, 1993△•, Wang Mou◁▼◁, Wang Michi, Sanqi Community◆○★=, Sanqong District, Zigong City▼◆-▷, Wang Hao, who was only one year and a half years old, and found that Wang Hao, who was only one year and a half years old••▪○. This can be embarrassing Wang Mouwei△◆▼▼, and they immediately launched friends and family, around more than 100 people▽■●, looking for the streets of Zigong City. But I have been looking for a long time, I have not found it○△-. The family suspects that Wang Yu is abduct? high quality cream collagen porcine gelatinGelatin capsule peptones is collagen halal,