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[protein engineering for industrial biotechnology]Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 28 (Zheng Jianglo) on the 28th, the 4th △■★■”Good Countertaine – Public Welfare Project Contest▼○” event launched the press conference in Fuzhou■○•. It is reported that the Fujian Provincial Charity Federation and the Fujian Provincial Civil Affairs Department are scheduled to hold the 4th “Good Bank – Public Welfare Charity Project Contest” in the second half of 2021=▲. ▲▽◇◁”Good Countertaste-Public Welfare Charity Project Contest” as a Fujian Public Welfare Propaganda Exhibition Platform△◁☆▲, has successfully held three times, this competition is the theme of “coating charity, building a harmonious society●◆■”, guided by the Civil Affairs Department of Fujian Province▼•▽, Fujian Provincial Charity Association hosted, Fujian Strait Social Organization Research Institute hosted. The contest focuses on special groups, focusing on the mass.

Original title: China opened two global satellite system satellite total 456 American aerospace adventurers Mask recently claimed to launch about 12•◁▪,000 low orbit satellites Composed ●•◁•”Starlink) Constellation Communication Network•-, let WiFi signal The valve cover is around each corner of the world△•▼. However●●▽△, Masks ambition is not only Mask. Although there is no more than 12,000 people in Mask “Haikou▼●▲”◇■, my country Aerospace Science and Technology Group and Aerospace Science and Technology Group also proposed a plan to build more than 300 and 156 low-rail communication satellite constellations…=. The first technical verification star of the two plans is scheduled to launch this year▼▷…. Aerospace Science and Technology Group …=◆”Hongyun Engineering▽…◇▼” animation demonstration (video screenshot) Chinas low-track constellation plan national two sessions open. a.

Original title□■: Hunan delegation hot discussion on the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee highlights the system of gasification rule of law and supervision courage March 12, Hunan delegation held a group meeting to consider the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee★●◁○. Reporter Zhang Zhe took a pond on March 12☆☆□, Hunan delegation held a group meeting to consider the work report of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress. The reporter Zhang Zhe photo The National Peoples Congress representative Hu Chunlian (left) National Peoples Congress Chen Yong (right) Signed a signature representation of the joint name of the National Peoples Congress representative Zhu Dendun. The reporter Zhang Zhes representative of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress (Left), the representative of the National Peoples Congress■△▪, listened to the representative. The reporter Zhang Zhes National Peoples Congress represents Ouyang Junlian (left) National Peoples Congress representative Xu Zhongqiu hot discussion on the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee…△□. Reporter Zhang Zhes peop!

On May 27th, OPPO officially issued a new Reno6 series mobile phone in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. The OPPO Reno6 series provides OPPO Reno6 Pro +, OPPO Reno6 Pro▪-◆○, OPPO Reno6 optional•••…, mainly new “Summer Qinghai…▽” design, upgrade rejuvenating video function, and bringing a more popular game experience. The OPPO Reno6 series is first equipped with AI rejuvenation and rejuvenation•▷★. The global nude makeup master Bobbi Brown creates five custom makeup. Through “Real Man Model Makeup – Pixel Cosmetic Extract – No Compressed Material Production△△…•.

Reference Information Network reported on July 6th reported that the US “Wall Street Journal” reported that the United States and China have increased tariffs on the 34 billion US dollars in the United States and China▲■. This is the trade war between the two parties in preparing for several years or even years. The real first shot started◁▽. The main strategy consultant of the Balance Palace, Stephen Ban Rana: ▪▽☆”This is a history day.” He said: ◆☆”China has played a 20-year trade battle with us, and now someone stands up and counterattack.” Bannong is still Consulting for government officials. In the United States▼□, the United States has been involved in the biggest trade in the Great Depression, and threatening will adopt more tariff measures, and the United States and China and the trade disputes between countries and other countries are difficult to see the end▽☆. According to Chad Bown, Trade Experts in Peterson International Economics Research-▼□, since the beginning of 20◇◇-? uc ii undenatured type ii chicken collagen protein bars industryContacts denaturation of proteins in food industry gelaton,