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[peptide collagen 100 fish]Original title: American trade “sick”=▷-, dont let China “Take Medicine■●▷” (Wanghai Building) Jia Dynasty, JD▪▷◇, JD, is a US trade memo to China, and provoke China-US trade friction, US trade representative LeThezawa recently Receiving TV interviews, the United States has recently announced recently in the United States to have a list of 60 billion US dollars on China◁△-●. In this regard•▼••, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce responded that “Dont take China as an excuse◇=□★”, and advise the US cliff Horsame, “Otherwise we will accompany the end”△▷△. There is no doubt that this trading dispute is completely unilaterally provoked□▪□★, and the US is completely acting in accordance with the strength of the power, zero and consciousness. The US established the establishment of the foundation in “The US Trade in China”, its statistical data shows that the US-China trade deficit is 3752 in 20.

On May 26, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a routine reporter▽■. Asked by the reporter▼○●, the so-called ★▪”Uygur Special Tribunal” jointly established by some anti-China power and the ◁▷…”World Trunk” organized, will “hear” …=△”hearing” in the near future “★=○-.” What is Chinas comment? Zhao Lijian said that yesterday, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government held a press conference in Beijing△◆, specializing in the so-called “Uyghur Special Tribunal▼◇-” in Beijing. Zhao Lijian emphasized that the “Uyghur Special Tribunal” can neither represent the majority of Uighurs people=●▷◇, and it is not a court●▪▷. It is a special lie manufacturing machine. This lie mak.

China Xinwang Shijiazhuang May 28 (Zhao Dan Mei) According to the 18th news of the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance, 73 financial enterprises (level 1 and below) of Hebei Province have all completed the registration of state-owned financial capital property rights◆▲. State-owned financial capital is an important guarantee for promoting national modernization and safeguarding national financial security●……▽. In recent years, my countrys state-owned financial capital has grown steadily, and the reform of state-owned financial institutions continues to advance, but still need further optimization management system. As the first province, the first batch of provinces who have completed the application of enterprises, Hebei, according to the unified deployment of the China Treasury, since the end of October 2020◇▷•, the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance according to the principle of ■△☆▪”comprehensive coverage, should be dedicated”, and review▷●▷□.