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[insect protein in us food industry]Original title●★: 2018 National Second Session▪□◇, Minister of Science and Technology: Immediately release artificial intelligence project guidelines and rules, Today▪☆, Meiya Center Multi-function Hall○■, Minister of Science and Technology▷▲■, Minister Wan Steel answered China and foreign reporters. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Jun) Artificial intelligence is “Keywords” in recent years, China has the latest artificial intelligent development plan? Minister of Science and Technology said today (March 10)○○, in the 13th National Peoples Congress◁▼, a meeting•■△, said that the artificial intelligence is strong•▲○, and immediately issues artificial intelligent project guidelines and rules to break through the key part of the basic frontier theory. Wan Steel is first listed in recent years in many fields of artificial intelligence results. “The automatic driving car is on the road, the robot is divided into the package, so that the express delivery industry is guaranteed. At yesterday two hi.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 27th: These new initiatives in the field of notarisms, with peoples livelihood=●=▪, Xinhua News Agency, reporter Baiyang notarism as one of the closest legal services of the peoples relationship, is playing more and more important in our lives. Character. According to statistics from the Ministry of Justice, my countrys annual bill of notarized cases is about 1.3 million, involving all aspects of social life such as giving, inheritance, contract performance•★▼, financing guarantee△=▽. Recently◁…◆☆, the State Council executive meeting, in order to optimize notarization services, further profit-proof will make a series of deployments. The Court of Justice deputy director of the Ministry of Justice was expressed in the Branch of the State Council Policy of the State Council Information Office, at the end of 202.

At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center was scheduled to hold a reporter meeting in the Multi-Film Merfunction of Meiya (Saturday) at 15□•-:00 on March 10 (Saturday), and invited the Director of the State-owned Assets and Assets, Peng Huang, deputy secretary general, and spokesperson•…. The relevant issues of enterprise reform and development have answered the question of Chinese and foreign reporters. The following is a text record: Chengdu Business Daily reporter: My problem is about the national capital transfer social security fund. At the end of last year, the State Council issued a document ◆=▽”to transfer some state-owned capital enrichment social security fund implementation programs”, requiring the proportion of variations by 10%=▼▼. Excuse me, what is the progress of this work? How many domestic enterprises and local state-owned enterprises will continue to implement this provision of state-owned capital enrichment social security funds, and there will be some corresponding corresponding state-owned capitals for central enterprises or state-owned enterprise.

Original title: The leadership of the CPPCC leadership proposal will be released from the new Beijing newspaper (Reporter) According to the “Opinions on Strengthening the Proposal of the Political Consultative Proposal-□◇=”, Beijing Leaders key supervision of the CPPCC has been practical. Since January this year■•◁★, a meeting of the 13th National Conference of the Beijing CPPCC has made a proposal has exceeded the proposal●◆□. So, which proposal will become a proposal for the key supervision of the city leaders? Yesterday, the seventh chairman meeting held yesterday gave an answer. The number of proposals held a seventh chairman meeting of 1,000 consecutive chairs for three consecutive years▼■◆, and listened to the basic situation analysis of the 13th meeting of the 13th National Conference of the Beijing CPPCC■-◆. A total of 1084 proposals received 1084 proposals★-, and 991 cases were filed. A total of 700 members of the new CPP!

Xinhua News Agency▷•★▲, San Francisco May 26 (Reporter Wu Xiaoling) The US police said on the 26th that the shooting incident occurred in the northern city of California☆□◁◇, California△=◁, causing at least 8 deaths and 1 injuries, the gunman was committed to death in the case◇◁■…. San Clara County police in San Jose said that shooting incidents occur at 6:30 local time, location is located in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Transportation Administration in San Jose. The shooting incident caused 8 deaths☆•, 1 person was injured○○, and 1 male gunman committed suicide. The police said that the gunners and a number of deceased were the staff of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority○▼•. According to the traffic management staff, shooting incidents occurred in the maintenance of light rail facilitie••. industrial foregoing protein reactor protein industries canada supercluster funding Pectin manufacturer beef gelatine halal china gelatine protein,