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[capsule chart size]Xinhua News Agency▷▼•=, Beijing on July 6, Chinas economy triggered global focus – positive value in the upper and second half of 2018, some demand indicators have fluctuated, and the external environment uncertainty has increased…◆, whether the first half is stable live•◆? Can the second half have progress? Not afraid of floating clouds. Observing the overall economy should see the overall situation, accurately viewing the “shape•…” of short-term data to rise▷★-, accurately grasp the long-term “potential▪■◁☆”, and can observe the shape•□●■, and call the cloud. The wind is long-eyed. Observing the big economy must distinguish the great potential, recognize the fundamental surface of Chinas economic toughness, the potential, and the foot△□▽, which can be clear and firm. How to see – the transformation is good▲◇◁▽, the development quality is steadily improved◁◆▷, and the effective should be challenged. Chinas economic operation is still in progress, despite the last half of the data has not y.

Original title: Focusing “Old Record”, 8 pictures Tell you how to listen to Prime Minister to the Peoples Gala Hall, the year of the two sessions-•■◇, today two will serve as a “old note” reported by the national two sessions for you how to diagram Going to the Beijing Great Hall to listen to the Prime Minister as a government work report for you this is a reporter certificate of the 13th National Peoples Congress. In order to protect privacy, the key part has played mosaic▼▽▼. There are many kinds of recorders, which is just a common. In addition, there are foreign journalists, Hong Kong and Macao reporter certificates…△▲…, etc. The recorder has different types▼…, the color is different, and the permissions are different. Key to see the numbers in the lower right corner. For example, this card is “3”★●=▲, which means only 3 layers of the Great Hall of the People. But numbers are “1” or “2”▲■△, and “23”, etc., differe-●◆.

Original title: Undergraduate graduation writes▽…, purely form is greater than the content that does not allow undergraduate writes not put water•▽■, but to do normative training in usual-▼▪▲. ▲ Image Source: Visual Chinese Wen Is there a need to write a papers in undergraduate students…●▼? This old topic has recently been activated●▼◁. One is due to the graduation season, the second is due to distinctive participation of professors◁•◁◁. As at Professor of the First Trade-=, Liu Ying, she agreed to cancel…•, she believes that ■◇▼”the undergraduate students have been different from undergraduate students, and the current undergraduate writes is really not too big.” The scholars originally published a negotiation in the “New Beijing News”. The undergraduate graduation thesis is a normative training-◁□, not a “chicken rib”△★, but it is necessary. According to me…•★, in the process of “elite□●•” from “elite” to “civilized”, students endowments a.

Original title☆-: US media said China leads the world manufacturing automation: a car accessories factory that is high-speed growth of robot in Kunshan, Jiangsu, and industrial robots are processing auto parts▪◆=. (Hong Kong “South China Morning Post” Website) Reference Message Network On March 22, where is the idea of ​​being accepted? US media said that it is not the United States or Europe☆–=, which is China leading the world. China is a “manufacturing automation country”, not the low-cost labor provider●△◆. According to the US “Value Walk” News website reported on March 19, manufacturing automation demand continues to grow, and fundamentally promotes this demand growth is China, Chinas economy accounts for less than 15%□★▲, but it is automated The demand for technology is twice the number. A report of HSBC pointed out th.

Original title: The thirtieth batch of escort formation from Qingdao to Yaluwan to implement the escort task Source: Qingdao News Network Wuhu Ship will be away from the dock this article, the Qingdao News network map Dongping Lake ship will set sail on the morning of the 6th, the Navy thirty The approval of the navigation team set sail from a military port of Qingdao■☆◆…, went to Yalian Bay▷◇■◆, and the Somali waters performed escort mission. 30 Batch of Navigation and Corps□★■▼, the 30th batch of escort formations from Hong Kong shall be composed of the missile frigate, the lake ship■…●, the 邯郸 ship and the comprehensive replenishment of the ship▪▼, carrying the carrier helicopter, dozens of special combat team, nearly 700 people. Among them, the Wuhu ship executed the escort task for the first time. The military band is hovering for 30 batch of navigation team. The slam of the lake ship in July=□△, and the team has organized sea-targeted pre-training in Qingdao, focusing on the single ship as a busine.