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[scifts]Original title▽○●•: Zhao Kezhi emphasized the “four awareness” to enhance the political station in the public security border guards, and resolutely completed the public security active forces reform mission Public Security Border Defense Force Reform Promotion will be held in Beijing on April 24, State Council, Ministry of Public Security Party Secretary, Minister Zhao Kezhi attended and speaking○▲•. He emphasized that it is necessary to guide the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping▼□. “☆●▽●, Enhance the political station, resolutely safeguard the authority▷☆, maintain the core★▲, maintenance and implement the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission, and firmly move the implementation of the reform□●●, and resolutely complete the reform task of the active service for the public security. Zhao Kezhi pointed out•▷■■, deepeni.

Original title: Han Fang Member: Constitutional Oath System is the National Political Civilization Reflected Han Fang 3rd at the opening ceremony of the 13th National Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference: Li Meng International Online Report (Reporter Li Meng): 13th National Peoples Congress Today (4th) held a press conference in the morning. Zhang Yucai, a spokesman, said that since the Constitutions oath system, the first time will hold a constitutional oath ceremony at the National Peoples Congress. This will better reflect the dignity of the Constitution, highlight the authority of the Constitution, and promote the spirit of the Constitution★○☆◁. ▽▷▽”Zhang Yifeng said, 3 On the morning of the month, on the morning of the morning, the General Assembly will hold the fifth, sixth, seventh plenary meetings, elections and decisions to appoint national institutions. After these meetings▽●, the constitutional oath ceremony will be held separately. I just revised recentl=•.

Original title: CCTV female anchor claims Central Commission for new work Source: WeChat public account ▽◇”Changan Street,◆•▽” Changan Street, “Wang Wei●▷☆△, the 13th National Peoples Congress▲◁…=, the third day of the Peoples Republic of China, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The subsidy website has specially launched a video column, and the eyes of the eyes have found that a familiar figure appears in the first episode. In this column named “Taking You Understanding the Law□▼”, CCTV anchor is unveiled in the first video of the first phase, with “the supervision law is coming, and I am closely related to you”, for everyone •○”referral•◆•” this new birth. Law▼★○. “What is this method? It is anti-corruption national legislation, and Haixia is open. In the next 2 minutes and 40 seconds•▽•▷, she helped everyone to draw the key and essence of the “Supervision Law•▪◆.

China News Cooperative Beijing May 28 (Li Xuefeng) Hong Kong Special Zone Legislative Council 27th III passed the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill in 2021☆•”. The mainland scholar accepted the interview with the new agency on the 28th, the new electoral system will ensure that •□▲”Patriot Governance•▪◇” is conducive to the normal operation and effective management of the Hong Kong SAR Government•=•. Chen Yuanhong◇▲★□, a professor of Peking University Law School, said that the Hong Kong election system has been in time and accurate, and it is necessary to finish the local legislative procedure in the past two years, and the Hong Kong political architecture has basically returned to normal tracks. This marks the Hong Kong democratic system will go to a new stage of development○•=☆. In new choi.Contacts.