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Pure collagen.[large scale purification of proteins in industry]China News Agency, Hong Kong■▲•, May 28th, China, Hong Kong Exchange (Hong Kong Stock Exchange), the new Chief Executive▽◇, the Champions League, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange published his view of the future development of the Hong Kong Exchange on the 28th■=. The Champions League pointed out that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange “Based on China” strategy will not change. Champions League, the current market value of Hong Kong Exchange has reached HK $ 600 billion□…▲◆, one of the worlds largest exchanges. He believes that the business strategy and future development of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are early, but the strategy of ▽▲▷☆”Based on China” in general will not change▽•◆▽, ◇□★▼”back to China” has always been an important strategic advantage of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, should do It is possible to take advantage of it. He pointed out that the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges fixed income, commodities, derivi.

Original title: Zhongsa Jian is “Jin Yuan Diplomacy☆★”•△◁? Lu Hong: Hope Some people in the island should not understand any problems as the problem of the ▼△■”Foreign Ministry Spokesmans Office” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news△▷▽△, on August 21st○◁, the Foreign Ministry, the reporter meeting, there are reporters asked☆=•: Taiwan The aspect is considered to establish diplomatic relations with Salvador and ■-•▼”Golden Yuan Diplomacy◆□■◁” in mainland China. What is the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Lu Hong: I believe that you have already paid attention to the details of Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister and the Foreign Minister of Casta Negota. China and Salvador established diplomatic relations are political decisions, which is by no means a so-called ▼△□○”transaction chip” that some people in Taiwan. The Salvador government decided to establish diplomatic relations with China▼□■▼, which is a political decision for a political decision for a Chinese principl=▲•=.

Xinhua News Agency-▼, May 27th (Reporter Zhang Yizhan) reporter learned from the Xinan County Emergency Administration of Jining City▪=★◆, and one of the new and miners of Xinan Coal Mine in Shandong Province have been rescued. The miner has been Take it to the hospital for treatment△□=. Currently, rescue work is still in progress. At 23○•:6 on May 26■◁, the Jujube Group Xinan Coal Mine Digging into the face suddenly colored accidents, resulting in six miners trapped■•◁. Jining City and Shandong Provincial Department of Shandong Province quickly launched emergency plans, the first time to promote professional rescue power, and fully organize the rescue rescue on site=•. After the accident◆…◇=, the Provincial Government of Shandong Province requested the rescue work and identify the cause and prevent secondary disasters. According to industry and commer◆…!

Original title▲◁: Maotai Group Search Corporation Party Secretary★•△, Chairman Source: WeChat Board “Motion Guizhou” Maotai Group Jiji Company official network diagram According to Maotai Group★-□, the official website of Moutai Group, the party secretary=○□=, and the chairman recently occurred change. The party committee, deputy general manager of Maotai Group▷•◁, the party secretary of the party committee, and chairman of the Directors, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, no longer serve as the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Xiji Company◇○•=; the general manager of the original Maotai Group, the general manager of the learning company Dan “take a rod☆…” Zhang Dhen◁◇=, became a new party secretary and chairman of the Xiji Company. According to the official website of the Jijie Company, the general manager is currently temporarily vacancap. According to the public number of “Beauty Vision▼•★”, the general manager of Xiji Company is appointed by the Maotai Group, the general manager of Guizhou Maotai Co◁△▽., Lt□☆▪★. foods high in gelatin supplement collagen

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