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About Us,[uc ii undenatured type ii chicken collagen]Original title: Today, this news is too big to fight “Taiwan independence” gelatin 200 bloom Animal gelatin empty capsule! Taiwans “Olympics” allows the station to lose the right to host the East Asian Green Association, even Japan did not help it. The East Asian Olympic Committee decided to cancel the Taichung City Youth Galas, the Taiwan authorities vocalize to protest through multiple pipes•△◁▪, claiming that this is “public and means of rudely in sports”. The East Asian Olympic Committee is a total of 9 countries and regions who have made these decisions at the meeting in Beijing. A total of 9 countries and regions of the voting, which only Taiwans China Taipei Olympic Committee voted, Japan Olympics The committee was discarded, and the other seven Olympic committees were voted-△-▽. There will be such an overwhelming vote, because this cancellation is fully compliant with the Olympic spirit. Some forces in Taiwan from this ye?

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Chen Hang) Beijing intends to fully solicit the representatives of the Peoples Congress and the Peoples Representative Liaison Station through the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress representatives (hereinafter referred to as “home…◁=, station”) platform Advice suggests the advice of the Regulations (Draft) “(Draft Bill). The Bill requires the establishment of a full process handling mechanism, including comprehensive complaints▼◁■◁, classification disposal▷▼△▲, precision form, limited time handling▼◇▷, return visit evaluation, etc◆•◆△. This is what the reporter comes from representative “home, station” platform on the 28th. Around the 27th of the Tenth Session of the Fifteenth Session of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National Peoples Congress of the Tenth May, the Bill of the Bi.

Zhongxin Net Foshan May 26 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) “Xianhu No. 1” Hydrogen Energy Tour Shui Water and Hydrogen Energy Industry Project Signing Ceremony held in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City••, Guangdong◆○-◇, China◁◇. According to reports, “Xianhu No. 1” Hydrogens is the first hydrogen energy ship in Guangdong Province○◇-▲. The shoe is approximately 12 meters long and about 4 meters wide, and 20-30 passengers can be passenger. The cruise ship uses 30kW hydrogen fuel stacks, and the battery is more than 10 hours, with high environmental protection=◇■-, high comfort and low energy consumption, low noise significant characteristics. On the day of the event▽●◁, Hongji creative fuel cell high-performance film electrode industrialization project●-, Nanhai innovation hydrogen energy efficiently produces 4 hydrogen energy projects such as industrialization demonstration base projects to si.

The Hong Kong SAR Governments “2021 Perfection Electoral System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill” Thursday afternoon, the Hong Kong Legislative Council was adopted, marking the full completion of the Hong Kong Special Eval election system from the central to Hong Kong local legislation. Hong Kong opens a new page of politics. In the past two years☆★★▪, Hong Kong has experienced a fierce struggle. Many people probably not expect the Hong Kong situation that will not expect the Hong Kong situation in the future☆▷. The struggle results have verified the power of the country and also verify the authority and ability of the central government. Hong Kong is not reforming the legislative revision and institutional reform in the original legal framework by the turmoi●☆=•.

Original title■…▪: US media said China is looking for ▼▪☆▷”quantum surprise”: or offset the US invisible technology advantage reference news network March 18th reported on the US “Atomic Scientist Online” website on March 1 issue to “China in seeking” quantum surprise ” ? ◁◆”One article. The author is the new US Safety Center passenger researcher Ershaki. The article is extracted as follows•▽▲◆: Artificial intelligence hype is close to the peak. The new round of speculation of quantum technology is also rising, especially quantum calculations. What happens when these two rounds of speculation is in the same period? How is it: just the hype? Still causing truly dangers in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, it is likely to be a potential military ●…▷”revolution”•▽■? Of course, both technologies have the characteristics of …△”new power”○▲▽○, and it is indeed possible to change all departments and create n. hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides benefits vegan collagen powder