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Gelatin capsule fish gelatin factory halal edible gelatin powder,[protein bar industry 2019]Original title: The Civil Engineer Contract Code may be a •▷”private lending” session○◁…•, the representative committees discipline recorded that the current ◆□”contract law” is more thin, rough☆☆, and it is necessary to develop the ★★…○”Civil Engineer Contract” opportunity to set up “Folk Borrowing” session▷■. For a long time, by the factors such as social tradition▽=, ideological concepts●◆•, “folk lending” has been insufficient relative to “financial loans”, and there is a •○…”gray zone”=…=◇. But in fact, folk borrowing has a deep social foundation and historical origin in my country. It is increasingly active with its convenience, low threshold, flexible lending, and expensive, effectively to mitigate social financing needs. With the continuous expansion of private lending and the increasingness of problems☆●△, the private lending disputes have poured into the cour.

Original title△▷…-: The director of the police station that killed the murder fugitive but sacrificed, I have just been appointed at the beginning of the year ▲▽.■☆◁▲.. I still say “death”? On August 5th, a man with a man in Renshou County◇●■, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, had a dispute between others◆□★, and fled the other person. During the pursuit▪◇, the murderer rushed into the Fujia Town Police Station, chopping many people, including the masses and the police□◆▷, and then shot by Wang Tao, director of the Fuka Town Police Station. According to the relevant person of Renshou County Public Security Bureau, the police initially identified that the man was killed by disputes yesterday, and the police were chasing. Who knows the man driving a car and rushes into the police station. ◇●”Suddenly■•, there is no expectation▲=.▪▪•◇” At that time, there were people in the police station, and the man drove hit the innocent masses to send the innocent people. (He) After getting off the bus, he cut the director, and the gun pulled the gun on the spo.

China Communications News, Nanchang May 27th (Reporter Li Yunhan) Beidou Satellite Navigation System will provide technical support for Chinas manned spaceflight project? ◁▷”Beidou” and ●▽▪▷”Manned Space” can I collide how spark? On the afternoon of the 27th☆◇◁=, a discussion around “Beidou + Manned Space” was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi. The picture shows this forum site. Zhongxin News reporter Liu Li Xin took the day, the 12th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference is being held in Nanchang. As a member of the Assembly Important Forum, experts from the Beidou Satellite Navigation System and the manned space projects, and the participating experts around the application of the Beidou system in the manned space engineering, and manned spaceflight Such ●▪△.

Original title Excellence Japanese media analysis: Chinas oil enterprise positive attitude or will activate global oil industry information pictures. Report Message Network On March 30th, Japanese media said that the listing subsidiaries of Chinas two major national oil giants will strengthen overseas oilfield rights and interests and domestic oil field development investment. China National Petroleum (Petroleum) will restart overseas rights and interests at the time of 5 fortune years, China Petrochemical (Sinopec) will also increase investment to more than 10 billion yuan◆•■▼. The positive attitude of both companies will activate the global oil industry. According to the =★○○”Japanese Economic News” website reported on March 28, it was influenced by crude oil prices in 2014=◁•▲, and Chinas petroleum basically stopped the acquisition of overseas rights◆•▷, but will step on the throttle in overseas business in the future. Wang Dongjin◁◁◆, President of Petroleum March •●▷.